Our capabilities

We can supply actuation packages and modify manual valves to your project specifications, even to challenging deadlines.

We officially represent world-leading, Adnoc-approved brands, including Bettis (Emerson) pneumatic actuators in the UAE and Biffi and Hytork actuators in the UK. We also hold one of the largest stocks globally of IMI Maxseal solenoid valves.

You can access our product and service-oriented packages through our Abu Dhabi-registered sponsor M/s NAMA Development and work towards the channel partner’s process to take part in and bid for our competition.

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HSP capabilities
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Our capabilities in a nutshell

  • We automate valves and actuators based on your specifications and requirements – even when time is against you.
  • We provide packages such as MOV, ESD, HIPPS SYSTEMS, SIL-rated valves, among others, in shorter lead times to meet your project deadlines.
  • Valve and actuator integration, ranging from ½” – 60” 150# – 2500#
  •  DP Testing, FAT, and IFAT.
  • Complete range of valve and actuator types and actuator models: pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic for specific valves.
  • Control panel design, assembly, and testing.
  • Loose supply of cabinet-mounted controls.
  • Integration services for free-issue actuators and valves.
  • In-house CAD and schematic design

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