The HSP Way

It’s how we address industry’s challenges and achieve real success for our customers.

The services we provide are only half the story.

The unique way we go about doing what we do is equally important to the energy operators, EPC contractors and OEMs we work with. This is what the HSP Way is all about. It’s our commitment to our mission to always bring together the very best mix of know-how, technologies, and processes to create perfectly designed valve solutions, automation, and control systems. In effect, the HSP Way is our blueprint for how we do business. 

  • Knowledge

    In such a saturated and competitive market as valves, it’s often hard to know what to think or who to trust. 

    Which is why we’ll always share our thinking, insight, and rationale behind any valve packages and solutions we source, recommend, design, or build. Our experienced team, global network, and 24-hour service model work to give you the full picture and a detailed understanding, so you can make better-informed decisions, faster, to achieve the best results.

  • Valves Made

    Your industry is complex enough, so the last thing you need is more complications and convolutions – especially if time is against you.

    No one enjoys being passed from expert to expert, department to department, or service rep to service rep. So our streamlined processes give you access to recognised industry experts swiftly, smoothly and seamlessly – using the channels you prefer. The result? A partner that instils you with confidence, gives you peace of mind, and makes life that little bit easier.

  • Compliance

    Of course, compliance is top of everyone’s agenda. The issue is finding the time, resources, and energy to meet industry’s ever-expanding rules and regulations.

    Put simply, we take that headache away. Our team are experts in technical specifications, documentation management, project management, and logistics, so rest assured you’ll have all the right boxes ticked to be fully compliant. And with it, more reliability, more peace of mind, and more time to get on with more important things. What more could you want?

  • Assurance
    Made Simple

    Squeezed budgets, increasing regulation, hyper-competitive markets, growing investor expectations. It’s a heavy load to carry.

    And we’re here to help take the strain. How? By responding to, planning, and managing every aspect of your valve solutions. In practical terms, it means you have access to our experienced, proactive team of valve experts, project managers, and document controllers, as well as our global logistics network and 24-hour service model. Rest assured, it adds up to a much easier life.

  • Bespoke

    Running a team of Engineers? Managing procurement for your organisation? Either way, you need credible, tested solutions.

    Solutions that meet your specific requirements and solutions that are completely dependable and support your operations. Our strong manufacturing relationships, proven expertise, forward-thinking approach, and user-focused integrated systems ensure you not only achieve the best valve packages possible, but also minimise delays, bureaucratic roadblocks and risks.

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Get in the flow upstream and downstream

The HSP Way is not only about helping you sharpen your competitive edge, it’s also about simplifying complexity, minimising your commercial risk, and, ultimately, making your life and your team’s easier.

Drawing on our embedded supply chain relationships and deep technology insights, we know what it takes to provide practical solutions to keep your assets flowing safely, ensuring upkeep, outlay and energy-use are kept to a minimum.

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