ADNOC gives seal of approval for HSP’s valve automation centre

We’ve always had big ambitions for our Valve Automation Centre (VAC) in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. So, receiving the stamp of approval from the Government-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is both a large feather in our cap and a major milestone in our capabilities to serve the oil and gas industry in the Middle East region and beyond.

Size matters sometimes

Set up in 2019, just before Covid hit, the centre boasts some impressive facilities, not least its size which covers 112,000 square feet. This makes it one of the largest facilities of its kind in the region. Within the centre is 16,800 square feet of workshop space offering hydrostatic and gas testing, along with two test bunkers offering factory acceptance testing (FAT and IFAT) of actuated packages.

Add to this the centre’s generous laydown area, which includes 10-tonne and 20-tonne gantry cranes, and it has more than enough capacity for both large-bore and high-volume of valves.

The centre also offers 5,000 square feet of office space for our regional sales, project management, and operations teams, as well as our eastern hemisphere leadership team. This hub of technical expertise means we’re able to provide site surveys and inspections and can work closely with our customers’ operations teams to ensure we meet their project requirements.

The expansion of the site reflects a significant investment, not just in the centre’s capabilities but also in HSP’s people. Three years ago, we had three people based in the Middle East. Today, we have 17, with plans to expand further.


Lock, stock, and barrel

Our VAC stocks a complete range of manufacturer components and parts from limit switches, to filter regulators, to solenoids, to flow-control, pilot, quick-exhaust, non-return, and safety-relief valves. It also stocks pneumatic and hydraulic components for fast-track parts or builds, a capability we’re becoming increasingly well-known for.

All in all, it offers everything for the design, procurement, assembly, integration, and test of ESDVs, SDVs, DVs, XVs, and HIPPS, as well as for pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and electro-hydraulic systems.

Comprehensive approval

The process of gaining approval for the size and technical complexity of ADNOC packages has taken over 12 months, with HSP applying across a range of product groups and categories. Approved products and services we currently, or will soon, provide for ADNOC include:

  • Actuators maintenance and repair
  • Valve automation system services
  • Motor-operated valve (MOV) maintenance
  • ESD and HIPPS valves
  • Valves actuators control systems (valve automation)
  • System integration – control and instrumentation

And being an independent valve automation centre – and not a manufacturer – we have access to all ADNOC-approved brands for both actuators and valves. That way, we can offer a highly flexible approach, no matter the order volume or size, for third-party companies that supply ADNOC, and which require using an approved facility like ours.

Location, location, location

Our VAC is perfectly positioned, too, making the most of the supply chain of equipment coming into the Middle East from Europe and Asia. This means integration can happen in-country, offering more value as customers can do witness inspection and testing in Dubai rather than having to travel around the world to complete this part of the process.

While our VAC has only recently become ADNOC approved, it has been fulfilling multi-million dollar down, mid, and upstream projects run annually for GCC national oil companies, EPCs, and SKID builders, as well as with FPSO end-users and module builders from the Asia region.

We’ll be expanding our pipeline of ADNOC-approved products over the coming months. This includes actuators, positioners, and switch boxes from IMTEX, which we’ll be talking about more in the coming months.

Receiving ADNOC approval for our Valve Automation Centre is a major step for HSP as we look to further cement our presence and expand our capabilities in the Middle East region.

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