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Alongside our strategic energy partner IMI/Maxseal, we were asked to develop a partial stroke test (PST) system that fitted on existing crucial, yet problematic, ESD valves. The aim: to allow site operations to test locally, safely and efficiently without needing any additional equipment or training, and without triggering a valve to close unnecessarily and shut down the plant.


The solution was the Maxseal IC04S PST valve, the first smart solenoid valve with integrated PST and valve condition monitoring. The PST device ensured belt and braces testing, without allowing valves to perform a PST and close due to: 

  • low air pressure, leaks, or blockages
  • faulty solenoids
  • insufficient voltage to re-energise solenoid valves  
  • a faulty PST device 
  • a faulty position indication.


Now, if any of the above faults prevent a PST, an operator can investigate easily and safely by retrieving test data from the IC04S PST in-built memory card that records all data including trips and tests, identifying failures without closing valves or the plant. Over time this has created a valuable diagnostics library as well as a rich picture of how valves perform compared to the original commissioning data.

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